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Ok, so you want to join a driving school as a driving instructor? What do you look for within a franchise?

So I am guessing the first thing you are looking for as a driving instructor is pupils. You will also be looking for a good franchise fee that will not cost the earth and give you support through your business life (does your franchise do that). How about through bad times will your franchise try and help you so you do not go bust. Do they provide a car and if not can they suggest where you could get one. The one I do not see is will the company help you train for quite times for another source of income.

New Type of Driving Instructor Franchise

Well, Mike McGowan driving school is changing the way a franchise is run, for driving instructor. Yes, you will get pupils yes you will get support from us if we don’t know the answer we will find out as much as we can (you as a franchisee are they most important person in my business). Then there is this one for you if you want extra training as a backup income for an extra charge on your franchise over a period of time I will pay the rest for this training.

Other income

A good example is I am writing this during the coronavirus pandemic and all though I have no students to teach I am doing the next best thing and helping supermarkets get their food delivered so people can buy there shopping. This is because I have my HGV licence which I keep up to date so that in quiet times I can still earn money.

So I hear some of you driving instructor say I do not want to drive a lorry, that’s fine if you can come up with a job that you can train for to help in quite times I will help you with this. If you just want to develop your career within the teaching industry I can help you with that too.

You may be asking me why would I do this for people. At the end of the day we all want to work less as we get older, but if your income takes a regular dip your retirement will not be that good.  If I can have a comfy retirement why cannot other people that work with me, after all, you may be paying a franchise but like all the customers we have I want to give you value for money? ( I hear that one driving school boss said to his driving instructor I don’t care I have your money no names).

So if you want to look at this for a possibility of joining my team as a driving instructor then contact me and we can discuss what I can do for you.

Mike McGowan Driving Instructor

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