Highway Code

Highway Code


Learning to drive in Leeds, one of the items that could be recommended to you, from your driving instructor, is for you to get a copy of The Highway Code.

Why? Well, it gives you so much information, that you will find benefits, not only when you start learning to drive, but when you start studying for the Theory Test and The Hazard Perception.

Learning to drive, is probably one of the hardest things to do, but if you can set yourself up with the correct literature, then you can give yourself a massive head start.

In the Highway Code, it tells you the rules of the road, the stopping distances, speed limits and road signs.

This little book gives lots of information that you will find are invaluable when learning to drive in Leeds.

You should also get an app on your computer for the Theory Test and Hazard Perception, as you need to pass both before you can book your driving test.

Always get the App from a reputable company, or you could find yourself paying for something that can mislead you.

We will look further into the Highway Code and The Theory Test in another post.

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