From the 4th of December, the driving test in England has had some changes made to it, these changes are to try and make the driving test much more modern, and bring it into the 21st century.

The changes are manoeuvres, using a satnav, answering a safety question whilst driving and the independent drive time will be increased.

Although the manoeuvres are changing you will still need to be taught the turn in the road and reverse around the corner by your instructor, although they will not be in the test, you will still need to learn them, as you may use them in everyday life when you pass.

Using a satnav is now something that most people use in their cars, to help them get from A to B, the problem with using a satnav is new drivers need to be trained on how to use them properly. During your test, if your examiner decides to use a satnav, (as every 4 in 5 tests will be using a Satnav, the other 1 in 5 will still be following road signs and directions from your instructor).

 The examiner will provide the Satnav and it will already be set up with pre-selected routes on it.

The new manoeuvres will also be driving into a parking bay and reversing out of it, pulling up on the right side of the road, reversing 2 car lengths, and then moving off and joining the traffic again, and parallel parking.

You will be asked the Show Me Tell me safety questions whilst you are driving, it will be a show and tell question, inside the car to show, such as,’ show me how to use the window wipers’ and tell me, would tell me how you would ‘check the oil level’

The independent drive will also increase to 20 minutes, and you will follow direction from the examiner, the instruction will be given, and you need to listen as you will not be given every turn by turn, you will be given several directions to follow.

The total length of the test will stay the same.