Speed Cameras
Do we have too many speed cameras on our roads, or do you think they are justified?
I personally think that we wouldn’t have the need for speed cameras if everybody stuck to the speed limit for the particular stretch of road.
But I also think that they should be more hidden, than what they are. Drivers know when there is a speed camera coming up as there are warning signs, and all they then do is slow down for the length of the visibility of the camera, then speed up again.
Why on earth are they warning signs, it’s like saying “yes I know you are speeding, but here is a sign just to let you know if you don’t slow down I will catch you” Bizarre.
It baffles me when drivers need to slam on their brakes because there is a camera, drive at the speed and you won’t need to slow down suddenly, the speeds are not put in place to inconvenience you, they are there for a reason.
Put yourself in the place of someone that has lost a child, brother, sister, mum, dad, grandma. How would you feel knowing that you are no worse than the person that has just killed that 3 years old than ran out into the street after her ball because you were speeding?
Just because you might not have hurt someone, yet, there is always that risk that because you are speeding, you cannot ever say “it won’t happen to me” because one of these days it might happen to you.
Whether it is you that hits someone because you are speeding, or a loved one is killed because another driver was speeding.
This is the reason why I think speed cameras are justified but also they should be hidden, to stop drivers slowing down when they know one is coming up and then putting their foot down as soon as they have passed it
Do not let someone you love be another casualty.
Do not be the one to cause someone else to be a casualty. Think, is it really worth it.