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Here is a brief description for moving and stopping.

When you have got in your car and done  your cockpit drill. You then need to start getting ready to move off. Firstly you select drive for the gearbox.

Then you would check you left door mirror centre mirror then you right door mirror and check your blind spot last. Once this is done and it is safe you can release the handbrake and move off. (note if you are on the right hand side facing the on coming traffic check the mirrors the other way looking over your left shoulder for the blind spot.)

You are now wanting to stop your carin a safe place.

Firstly check your centre and left if pulling up on the left or your centre and right mirror if pulling up on the right.

You then need to signal if any one is around you.

From there you will start to move towards the kerb, once your car is in the right area start to press your break pedal by slowly increase pressure until you stop.

Once you have stopped put your hand break on select natural or park.

You have now done the moving and stopping from there you will now start to drive more.

Safe driving