What Car to Start With?

So you have just passed your driving test and wonder which car you should buy. Well the best question to ask yourself is what do I need my car for?

If you need it just to get from A to B and for local driving, Then may be you should look at a small car with a small engine. This will use less fuel and be cheaper on your insurance. If you use your car for a lot of long driving then a saloon may be better with a slightly larger engine but not too big as this will eat up your fuel.

Now if you are a family persons with the mom and dad taxi the a larger size for more people car in so you can pick them up.

Another question you should ask yourself is do I go EV or stay with a fuel car. My own personal choice is stay with at least a little combustion engine (Hybrid)  then it less likely to get stuck with staying ages charging your car and Hybrid is a lot better fuel consumption.

For the make of car it is totally your choice as you  you have your own styles and make you have enjoyed. The car you choose is always what you like the with the design or you maybe a sort of person  who likes to buy a brand name.

Another factor is how much the insurance is for the car you want there are many factors that are taken into account for the cost of your insurance.

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