driving schools Leeds

Road Signs.

When you are learning to drive in Leeds, you will see many road signs, they are there for a purpose, they are the rules of the road, which you must obey, they can give directions, warn you of hazards ahead.

Road signs can either be with writing or symbols, road markings, traffic signals, bollards or beacons.

There are some basic rules, which if you can understand, will help you recognise traffic signs easier, the basic ones are the

Triangular Signs: These are warning signs

Circular Signs: These give orders if it has got a blue border, it tells you what you must do.

Red border: tell you what you must not do.

Rectangular signs: give you directions and inform you.

Road Markings: give information, give directions and give orders.

Other shapes: There a few exceptions, to these rules, to give them more visibility.

Signs must show their messages, clearly, early enough for you to see it, easy enough for you to act on it, for the safety of you and others.

As symbols are more recognisable and understood, and it is a standard especially throughout Europe, that is why they are used.

Most people will understand road signs adequately enough to be able to see what could be a problem ahead if it’s a warning sign.

Or be able to follow a sign giving orders.

The exception is the “STOP” sign, this is octagonal shaped, with white writing on a red background, and if you see this sign, mostly at junctions with a limited view, and you must STOP, even if you think the road is clear.

There are also other signs that give directions, and to find and follow a road you want, these signs could tell you the way to get you to the car park, tourist attraction or nearest transport link.

The colours of these signs will vary, dependent on the type of road.

Primary routes have a green background- not motorways- with white writing and a white border, road numbers are shown in yellow, and, it may also show you a sign for the motorway.

The sign for a motorway will be blue background with white letters and white border.

Other routes have a white background with black letters and a black or blue border.

All these roads can display a brown background with white letters and border and these are tourist attractions.