Driving Leeds

Why do you want to learn to drive?

I think one of the main reasons that people make the decision to learn to drive in Leeds, is for the freedom it can give you.

You can just jump in the car and drive, going somewhere near or far, most places will be reached in a day, on this side of the water, although you can reach other European countries, such as France in a day.

You can drive at your own speed, obviously sticking to the limits on the road, you can choose where you want to stop, how often you want to stop and when you want to stop. The decision is totally yours.

You may have to learn to drive in Leeds because of work commitments, or because of the career you are wanting to go into, and the car is important for you to be able to get to and from work.

It might be easier for you to learn to drive in Leeds, to enable you to travel to see family and friends if they do not live nearby.

Driving might be more convenient for you to get to work, instead of relying on public transport.

You might live in a village where the public transport is not reliable or the place is secluded, public transport cannot and does not reach you, there might not be the need for it.

It might be a lifeline for you, you might have an illness or disability that having a car is the only way that you can keep your independence.

Whatever your reasons for learning to drive in Leeds and keeping a car, it can be to your advantage.