When you first get into a car to at the start of your driving lessons in Leeds, you will be told about the driving position, this is for your safety, and so you can use the controls without any problems.

To drive safely you must

  • Reach the controls safely, and to be able to use them comfortably without struggling to reach them.
  • Keeping a suitable grip on the steering wheel, for maximum control, arms should be relaxed.
  • Be able to see the road clearly ahead.

Nowadays most cars have some adjustable movements in them to allow anybody to drive, this will include seat adjustment, seat belt adjustment and some even allow you to move the steering wheel for maximum comfort.

Most driving seats can be adjusted for position, the seat can be rolled forwards or backwards, and the seat itself can also be moved for ease and comfort, sometimes you can also adjust the driving seat, to enable you to see properly if you are short,(as I am).

The driver should avoid sitting too close to the steering wheel, as should the passenger with the dashboard.

If on your driving lesson in Leeds, another pupil has used the car, then when you get in you need to do the adjustments suitably for yourself.

Some cars also allow for the steering column to be adjusted, you could adjust the angle of the steering wheel or move it closer, but if you are moving it, never allow it to distract your view from the instrument panel.

Never ever adjust the steering column whilst the vehicle is moving and always make sure that you lock both the seat and steering wheel into place before you move.

The head restraint will also need to be adjusted for your safety as this can provide protection for your head and neck if you were to be unfortunately in an accident.

The rigid part of the head restraint should be as high as the eyes or top of the ears, and as close to the back of the head as is comfortable.

Lastly you will need to be aware of when you are taking driving lessons in Leeds, is that the seat belt can also be adjusted, for height for the diagonal strap, this should be positioned so it lies centrally over the shoulder, the lap belt should be placed as low as possible over the hips.