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Independent Driving Instructors

So your now a driving instructor, you have passed all your tests passed and got your green badge through the post. How do you get people who want to learn to drive?

This is where you have two options the first option is to join a franchise where you pay a weekly fee to use their name and advertising they do as this does get you the work.  This is the good sides of this and if you are going to join a franchise you need to check as many as you can to find the best deal for you. Things like are their fees to cheep can you make a living from it?

Can they get you regular work and are there any other cost involved. This can be a good way to get your business up and running but remember. You are their customer if you are unhappy with them, change either to work on your own as your own independent driving instructors, or join a better franchise.

The next best thing is to start as an independent driving instructor. This is where you decide everything for your business from do you get a website and other marketing tools. What prices do you charge, what area’s you are willing to cover and last but not least how do you keep a steady flow of students to keep your head well above water?

I started with a franchise which was a good one, but I wanted to build myself a team of driving instructors that give very good so I decided to go on my own and start building. It has been quite a while to do all this website and everything else. But I am now in a position to help grow your business and to keep your heads well above water.

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