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Junctions-Approaching in Leeds

One of the things your driving Instructor in Leeds will teach you is how to approach junctions

A junction is where two or more roads meet, a junction can be a hazard in itself, and they need to be treated with great care and respect, even if they look easy.

As you approach the junction you need to look for any signs it gives you, it might give you some information about the

  • The type of junction
  • Road markings
  • Direction signs
  • Warning signs
  • ‘Give Way’ and Warning signs
  • Traffic Lights
  • The amount of traffic.

What you are going to do will impact on how you approach the junction, you might be wanting to turn left or right from a minor road into a major road, leaving a major road by either turning right or left, going past a junction and staying on the major road, whatever you are doing you will need to still use caution, especially if the junction is hard to see as something might be coming out of it.

Road markings and signs usually make you aware who has priority, if there are no priority signs, take even greater care.

When you are approaching a junction and you want to either enter or exit a major road then you need to use the MSM/PSL routine.

  • Mirrors: Check your mirrors to assess the situation behind you.
  • Signal: Use your indicators clearly and in good time.
  • Manoeuvre: Use PSL
  • Position: Make sure you position your vehicle correctly, in good time, allows others to know your intentions.
  • Speed: Slow down as necessary
  • Look: Be aware of other traffic, assess the situation, and is it safe to go or do you need to wait, then move accordingly.

If the road in Leeds has road markings, you will need to use the correct lane for the direction you want to take, move into it as soon as you can, as this helps other drivers in Leeds know your intentions.