Learning to drive in Leeds.

One of the things you’re driving instructor in Leeds will discuss with you as part of your first lesson will be the Cockpit Drill. These checks are for your safety, the safety of any passengers, and other road users.

Every time you get into the vehicle you are learning to drive in. in Leeds, you need to do this. This helps to make the drive much more comfortable and safer for you as the driver, it helps you to reach the pedals, the steering wheel and allows you full control of the vehicle, which you need at all times.

  • Make sure all doors are closed properly.
  • Check the parking brake is on
  • The driver’s seat is in the best position for you to reach the pedals comfortably, and you can see all around in every direction.
  • The head restraint is in the correct position.
  • All the mirrors are clean and adjusted to give you the best view.
  • All the passengers and you have seatbelts correctly fastened.
  • The gear lever is neutral.
  • You have enough fuel for your journey.

Another thing you will learn in your first lesson with your driving instructor when you are learning to drive in Leeds will be starting the engine, basic moving off and stopping, you will need to master these initial skills to enable you to advance to driving on a busier road.

These skills will teach you how to control the car safely, it will give you a good working knowledge of the car and controls.

Help you to master hand and foot controls together.

To help yourself with the basics you will need an understanding of the rules of the road, be aware of the needs of other road users, and have a good knowledge of the car that you are driving, such as how to move the stalks for light, indicators, and wipers.

Learning to drive is not just learning how to start the engine and move off.