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How strange can life be as I write this blog we are in a middle of a pandemic for the coronavirus, yet when we drive on our roads at this time with it been quiet you would think there would be fewer accidents.

Well, guess what you are wrong the speed cameras on the roads are picking up a lot more speeders as they think because nothing on the roads they can do it.  Also per the volume of traffic on the roads, there are a lot more accidents out there.

We have a virus that is killing thousands of people worldwide. Then on top of that, we have people who think it is ok to drive really stupidly.

Yes, there is less traffic on the road so you do not need to drive like an idiot as one no one cares if you are showing off. and another is you are still more likely to have accidents and put our straining NHS under more pressure.

So if you idiots want to impress someone, drive like you care about safety and want to have a better life.  Because if you drive safe, guess what happens? you save money for a better car good or what. Your insurance will go down and you would be more likely to get yourself a partner because that can see the good side of you.

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