driving test

Should you have to re-take your driving test after a certain age?

Do you think once you reach a certain age you should have to re-take your driving test or should it be compulsory for everybody after driving for some years?

Are the reactions of the older generation as fast as they used to be, probably not, but does it make then any more dangerous on the road

Are they any more dangerous than the young driver that has just passed his test?  Or the middle ages man driving a 4×4 or the woman driving a sports car.

Unfortunately, accidents do happen but is it age-relevant when it comes to them happening.

I’m not sure they are, I believe the older you get, then the more careful you are, yes they can accidentally press the wrong pedal or have their foot slip, but who can’t.

So do they really need to re-take their driving test, after a certain age, yes they need to have a medical, to ascertain their ability to see and check to make sure they have no immediate medical concerns?

But surely that could be something we all need to do, how do any of us know that we are 100% healthy, do we all get our eyesight checked every two years.

So after many years of driving, surely the experience of the older generation should count for something.

They might not want to give up their licence and driving, but that is taking away their independence, yes if they are incompetent to drive safely, then yes take their licence, but that again could be said of any age.

Just because you are younger does not mean you are more competent to drive, nor does it mean you will not have an accident, nor does it mean you will not have a medical condition that can cause you to stop driving.

I personally think the only time the older generation should lose their licence is when they are physically and mentally incompetent to drive safely.

That also goes for anybody in the same situation, anything can strike us at any time.