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With the coronavirus lockdown and driving tests cancelled. The DVSA has made some changes to the driving test for a while. This will commence on 1st May 2020.

This is so the examiners and learner drivers are in less contact.

You are now asking how this works. Normally during your driving test, if you make any serious or dangerous faults or accrue 16 minors or more, you would still finish your driving test.

Under these new temporary changes if you were to do any of the above your test would then be terminated.

When you look at it during this current situation it is very sensible for less contact with someone you do not know.

It brings safety to both you and any DVSA staff and brings the driving test back into use than it could be if it was left as it was doing the whole driving test.

When you go on your driving test just remember your driving instructor believes in you, so stay calm focus on what is around you not what the examiner is doing.

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