Learning to drive in Leeds- The Clutch

Learning to drive in Leeds, we have all probably heard about the clutch but do we understand its use, the left foot operates the clutch, and it is on the left of the three pedals.

The clutch is the connection between the engine and the gearbox, the connection is driver-controlled but will require some practice in its use.

The clutch is made up of two plates, one of these is connected to the engine, and the other to the gearbox, the plate attached to the engine rotates all the time the engine is running, whereas the plate connected to the gearbox rotates only when it is held against the first plate via springs.

When the clutch pedal is depressed, you are forcing the plates apart, breaking any drive connection.
When the gears are in neutral, even though the plates are touching, the wheel won’t turn, as you had not selected a gear.
To enable you to be able to drive in Leeds, your driving instructor will teach you about the clutch, you will also need to learn how to do judge the ‘Biting Point’, this is the point when the two plates begin to make contact, and the load on the engine increases, this is the biting point, you will learn to judge when you can hear the biting point, and feel it.
The feel of the clutch will be different with each vehicle.

Sensing the biting point is all about good clutch control, the other part that is just as important is when you want to change gear, the clutch plates need to be fully engaged smoothly, you can stall the engine or the vehicle may jerk out of control; if the plates come together suddenly.

Practicing good clutch control, with your driving instructor in Leeds will help when you are moving off or changing gear.