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Your First Car

Passing your driving test is such an achievement, the next step is buying your first car.

How do you make such an important decision?

How you do you decide which car to buy

Before you make any decisions you, need to look at your budget, what can you afford to pay?

Do not forget the extras!




Breakdown Cover, if required.


Having made the decision then to buy, how do you go about it, oh one other thing, you need to decide, do you buy new or used.

What car manufacturer would you purchase a car from, do you have a preference on the model. Or even the  colour,

Take your time, although you have just passed one of the hardest tests possible, it is not a rush, you can take more than a day to make the decision.

Go to different showrooms, have a look at different cars, have they got any deals on them.

Such as free insurance, paying the 1st years car tax,  any discounted price.

Although do not feel pressure from the salesperson to buy.

They may try different sales tactics, just to get a sale, such as a time-limited offer.

Trust your own judgement and think is it too good to be true, then chances are it could well be, speak to the person you took with you, or if you are on your own, ring someone who you trust, get a 2nd opinion, go away and come back another day.

Or even go to a different garage.

Always go for a test drive as well, get a feel for the car, is it comfortable, is the space inside big enough for you, and any others that may travel with you.

Do you like how the car moves, is the seat comfortable, is the dashboard easy to understand, can you see everything clearly. Get a feel for the pedals, gear-stick and handbrake.

Even when you have done all that, if you do feel comfortable with the sales pitch and the car, you can always take time out, get a coffee to think and then go back.

Purchasing a car is such a big deal, you do not have to rush as tempting as it may be.

Drive safe and enjoy.


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