Left Turn

One driving lesson you will have is turning left at junctions. There are two types of turning left the first being major to minor.

This is where you turn into a road that may have a give way markings on it or very small roads.


So before you do your first turn you need to understand the MSPSLM Which stands for Mirror, Signal, Position, Speed, Look Manuovour.

So with this lesson we will only talk about the left turn major to minor.

You are driving down the road and you are asked to take the next available left.

When you can see the left you are taking at a reasonable distance you would check your mirrors first. As we are turning left we would check our centre mirror, then left door mirror. (ask yourself what are you looking for).

We would then signal left to let other road users that we are turning left.

Next is position as we are turning left we need to position our car towards the left-hand side of the road about 1 meter away.

We then need to slow to a safe speed to turn left. there is no set speed to turn a corner it varies on the type of corner which you will gain with experience.

As we get closer to the junction we need to look down the new road (think what we would look for here too).

Once we have looked and it safe we then finish off with turning into the new road. Once on the new road have another glance in your mirrors to check to see if you have missed anything.

Thanks for reading this I hope it helps you.