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driving schools Leeds

This is for people who want to learn a little about motorways or for the ones who may of forgotten key factors of using a motorway.

So lets start off with joining the motorway. As you drive down the entry road (slip road), you need to start building your speed up most of the entry roads are long enough to build up a good speed. As you are building your speed up you need to having a quick look to your right hand side to find a safe gap to join the motorway. If this is no safe gap you need to start slowing down as the markings at the end of the entry road are you must give way if you are unable to go.

Remember while you are coming down the entry road you need to signal right in plenty of time, as this helps other road users see you. When you have the safe gap you can join the motorway and sit in the left-hand lane.

So normally there are three lanes on a motorway and we will be talking through this assuming that it is three lanes all the way.

So what are the lanes called a lot will say slow and faster lanes with the third lane been the very fast lane but this is incorrect there names are lanes one two and three, the purpose for lanes two and three are only purely for overtaking and nothing else. Once you have overtaken you should but most don’t return to lane one.

Other area’s on a motorway that people are struggling to understand is, Smart Motorway. This is an area where technology has it’s part to play. One way this is used is when there has been an incident lower down the motorway it will slow down traffic further up the motorway giving the authorities chance to sort it out and more chance of keeping traffic flowing.

Now this is a very good idea but what a lot of people do is in between the speed sensors they speed up and then slow down when near the next one, which then doesn’t help keep traffic flowing at good speeds. So remember they are slowing us down for a reason stick to it and you are less likely to have traffic problems, and as a bonus you save on fuel as well.

So you have now driven towards your destination and it is now time to drive of the motorway. The correct procedure is by time you get to the sign at one mile it is a good idea to be in the left-hand lane.

As you are driving along you get to the count down markers three, two, one. When you arrive near the three marker you need to check your centre and left door mirror, then signal, once you are near the exit road move over to this lane (do not slow before). As you are going up the exit road you can start to slow down making it a lot more comfortable and safe if you need to stop for this.

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