Moving off

So you are on your first driving lesson. Your driving instructor has met you and has checked your licence. The first lesson they start with teaching you the cockpit drills.

Then you driving instructor says that we will move off and stop!

You are in a comfortable position (we will talk manual driving lessons). They then ask you to put your clutch to the floor and put into first gear. Then you need to lift your clutch to the biting point, with petrol you need a little gas too.

Once you have got the biting point you will then start doing your observation which when parked on the left is. Left door mirror, centre mirror, right door mirror, then your blind spot (over your rightsholder).

Once you have done this you can release your hand brake and the car will start to move forward. Then bring your clutch fully up and apply a little more gas. You are then driving?


You now need to stop your car in a safe legal and convenient place. Once you have picked your spot the first this you do is, check your centre and left door mirror, (As we are parking on the left). Then we steer to the left to pull up and the side of the kerb, we then start to apply the brake gently to slow the car down, as it is stopping put your foot on the clutch and depress the clutch to stop the engine stalling.

Once you have stopped put your handbrake on into neutral then indicator off if you used it, then relax you have just driven a car for the first time. You will be doing this over and over again to get used to it.

I hope this helps you with you wanting to learn to drive. If in automatic the only difference is no clutch.

Thanks For Reading