driving lessons Leeds

Ok so you have done your driving lesson on the left turn. So it is now time to do the right turn, once again there is two versions for this. One is turn right major to minor and the other is emerging to the right.

Let us start with the right turn major to minor, remembering your MSPSLM we are going to turn right. When we are told we are taking the next right the first thing we do is checking our mirrors which this time is or centre and right door mirror, next is to signal right. (remember though not too early or people may think you are going somewhere else). Once we have signalled you then need to get into position. This would be as close as you can get to the centre line or centre of the road without going on the other side of the road.

As you are approaching your junction, you then start to slow the vehicle down, while you are slowing, you can look ahead for a safe gap for you to turn right. If you need to stop before turning right you are best stopping your car when you see the front of your car in the centre of the road you are driving into. Once you have the gap and start moving forward you must also remember to turn your wheel to get the car on the new road.

Remember once on the new road check your mirrors again to make sure that you have not missed anything.

Our final part of turnning right is emerging to the right, (this is at a give way or stop sign).

So as you approach the end of a road you are asked to turn right. You have guessed what the first thing to do is check your mirrors centre and right, then in time signal right, then we position ourselves near the centre line or centre of the road keeping safe. Then it is speed we are going to assume that we have to stop as we are unable to see to the left and the right.

So as we get to the give way sign we apply our breaks gently until we stop you then look left right left right looking for a safe gap, once you know it is safe to go start moving and turning your wheel to the right. On the new road check your mirrors to see if you have missed anything.

I hope this helps you with your driving lesson