driving Leeds
Driving Lessons Leeds

You are driving along the road and are asked to pull up in a safe and convenient place, which you do.

Then you are asked to do the parallel park or reverse park. They will then say I would like you to pull up at the side of that vehicle and the reverse into space behind keeping reasonable close to the kerb and within two car lengths. (Two car lengths is a space for a car your size and then your car.)

So once you are prepared then you will move to the side of the car in front. stopping at the side of the car about a door width away you then stop. In to reverse take all-round observation and then start moving back, you stop when the far bottom corner of the rear window is in line with the back of the car at your side. You stop then and take in observations.

Then when you start to move again you turn your steering wheel 1 full circle to the left. The easy way to know you have not over steered is to put your left hand at the top of your wheel and the right hand at the bottom of the wheel. Then with your left hand pull the steering wheel to your left until it meets your right hand. (you let the steering wheel go through your right hand.)

Once your left hand has met your right hand hold the steering wheel with your right hand and move your left hand to the top and repeat the same thing again. you have now made one full turn to the left.

You need to stop roughly when the wing mirror is at the centre of the wheel arch you can see. (this varies from person to person as we are all different heights.)

When at this point you need to do once full circle to the right. (Always keep looking around for anyone coming if they do stop and wait to see if they will let you finish or go past you.)

So when you are turning your steering wheel to the right it is the opposite way of doing. For this put your right hand to the top and left hand to the bottom, move your right hand to the right until it meets your left hand then put your right hand to the top and repeat. Always moving slowly.

This reference point in my car is the column that holds the front windscreen is blocking the lights to the par you are parking behind.

At this point, as you are moving you need to turn once more to the right one full circle keeping observations going and your next reference point in when you look forward you are practically straight with the car in front.

This is when you do one full circle to the left as described before. This will straighten you up and you need to see a gap in front of the size of your car.

When you are there put your handbrake on and relax.

You will be then asked to drive on that would be the end of that task. if you make a mistake you can alter it but I will leave that to your instructor to advise you on that.

For the turn remember Left, right, right, left. Leeds Rhinos Rugby Leauge is an easy way to remember it.