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Parking on the right

This Lesson is about one of the manoeuvres that are on your driving test.

So as you are driving along the road you are asked to pull up on the right in a safe and convenient place.

The first thing you do is look for somewhere to for you to pull up, with this you are looking for a place with no drives,  junctions or parked cars on your left. Once you have found a place the first thing you do when the time is right, check your centre and right door mirror, signal if necessary then start to move over to the right-hand kerb. Make your way to the right side of the road gradually don’t do a sharp turn to get to the position.  You need to be stopping like you do when pulling up on the left near to the kerb.

Once you have stopped put your handbrake on and select neutral, You will then be asked to reverse a couple of car lengths. You then select reverse, start looking from your blind spot on the right all the way round to the back window. Once safe release your handbrake and start going backwards, as you are going backwards keep regularly looking forward to see if anything is coming. This is all done at slow speed and you will stop and put your handbrake bak on.

Then you will be asked to move off when you are ready. You then need to select a gear once that has happened to start from your right blind spot you look all the way round to your left blind spot and if it is safe to go signal left release your handbrake steering to the left and making your way to the correct side of the road.

One thing you must remember at all times is not to rush if you miss your point or turn just carry on and find another you do not have to do it in the first spot if not safe.

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