Driving schools leeds

We know we know how to drive or you maybe using a bike or a road lawnmower. But do you know how much space is needed and do you know all the blind spots.

In 2018 41% of road accidents had large vehicles involved. Now I am not blaming anyone whether large vehicle drivers or small, but honestly how much do you know about large vehicle blind spots.

Well now you have the opportunity to find out about them and possibly stop yourself from having that accident.

The itinerary for this is as follows.

  • To understand what the driver can and cannot see. (  this will be while stationary)
  • Then while sat in the passenger seat go for a drive to understand blind spots while move, (you wont be driving)
  • Roads like motorway
  • Town roads
  • Country roads

This is roughly a 2 hour course. At the end you have gained a lot of experience for what space and what a large vehicle can see.

The price for this course is 210 per person with a deposit of 75 to secure your place.

Please note due to insurance and it only having 2 seats I only can take 1 person at a time also due to driving regulations i am Limited to 4 spaces max per day and will not be loads of dates.

The first date available is 10 March so you need to move fast to secure your place.

So use the contract form below

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