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driving schools Leeds

What are roundabouts? If you look closely it makes complex junctions easier to navigate. So if it makes it easier why do people not like roundabouts? It is likely that those people have seen bad things happen at them or have heard lots of bad things.

But if you are reading this you will find it is just like another junction and treated the same as any other juntion.

Ok lets get started, we are going to assume the roundabout you are approaching has three other exits apart from the one you are driving on, we will also assume it has two lanes on all exits.

You are approaching the roundabout and you are asked to go left at the roundabout 1st exit. as through previous lessons the first thing you do is check your centre and left door mirror, then when time, signal left as you are approaching the exit, you need to look straight ahead for any cars that maybe turning right on to the same road as you. You also need to look to the right to see if anyone is coming from that junction as well, as they may cross your path.

Once you see it is clear staying on the left side of the road keeping near to the kerb, once you have turned left onto your new road check your centre mirror to make sure you have missed nothing and if your signal is still on turn it off and proceed.

We are now going to going straight on second exit. so as you are approaching the first thing you do is check your centre and left door mirror. if there is two or more lanes you must stay in the left hand lane unless road marking say any different.

Then as for the left turn you must check straight ahead and to your right for any traffic that may be coming you way.

Once it is clear you can start to move forward in the left hand lane, when you are at the first junction before your exit check your centre and left door mirror signal left, then exit into your junction checking your mirror and cancelling your indicator.

For when you use another lane for going straight on, I will let your driving instructor explain those situations as it would confuse if I went through them now.

Ok all we have one left on this roundabout is a right turn. Now, remember not all roundabouts are the same so you will learn as you go round with your driving instructor.

So you are approaching and youare  asked to turn right at the roundabout third exit. So this time we check our centre and right door mirror then when safe move over to the right hand lane, then as before we check for traffic which could cause problems, once clear and safe we move into the second lane of the roundabout the centre one and start to follow it round.

When you have reached the exit before yours’ check your centre and left door mirror if safe signal left and start to move over to the left lane near the kerb and join your new road checking your mirrors and cancelling your indicator. If you notice something as you check your centre and left door mirror then just go round again if it is not safe to continue into the road you require.

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