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Mike Mcgowan driving school is expanding. With the demand for driving lessons in Leeds and I do not like saying no I can not help you. I have decided to create a new franchise.

With this franchise you will not find and really cheap lessons as how can you make a living when your lesson doesn’t even cover your cost. I am only expanding in the Leeds area at the moment. You will also be able to take franchise payment holidays with us you can get upto 4 free weeks per year. We also do not tie you in for long term if you want to leave. You only have to give 2 weeks notice and then you are free.

We have a new advertising campaign starting at the Leeds Rhinos rugby ground which gets some discount along with our police ambulance and fire service.

So if you are looking for an extra income or are not happy as you are on your own. Why not join the driving school that wants to help you have a successful career and making our roads safer with a new generation of safe drivers. I also aim to give the driving instructors some input into fresh new ideas to help you grow your business.

I want any people who join our driving team to feel at home and able to talk with Helen or myself.

Too many companies try to get as much as they can and do not see you as a customer. This driving school will treat you as a person/customer to help you become successful in your career.

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