driving lessons leeds
driving lessons leeds

The Emergency Stop

When you do this lesson it is worth learning even if it is not performed on your driving test, as at some point id your driving life whether it would be your or any else fault.

So on your driving lessons/test, you will be asked to park in a safe and convenient place. Pull up in a safe place like you have done before.

Once you pull up you will be told that you are going to perform the emergency stop.

At this point, you will also be advised that they will look behind and do not slow down.

You then will move off as normal, as your driving along the road there has been seen a point where you can do the emergency stop. so then the goes up the hand and STOP is loudly spoken.

At this point, you hit the brake as firm as you can to stop the vehicle. (if in a manual the clutch goes down when it starts to judder, not before the break).

Once you have stopped you then put your handbrake on, into natural and breath again. You will then be asked to move on when you are ready. So you prepare the car to move off, Then start your checks this time starting at the left-hand side blind spot to left door mirror to centre mirror and right door mirror finally looking at your right blind spot and if safe move off.

If on your driving test you have to do a real-life emergency stop then you will not be asked to perform another as you will not if you do it for the test.

Below you will see me doing the emergency which you can watch and pick any tips this video was done in a manual car.