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When new legislation comes in to force, how do you know it is in place? Well for things like new driving test and new theory test we normally here this or see it in the news. But how do the journalists find this information?

Well there is a simple solution for this if you go on the dot gov website, fine the legislation on there and you can search through this or you can go to the DVSA alert page and they will send you an email with any changes around driving.

You as a driver also are required to keep to the Nation Standards  and keep up to date with any changes within them. If you do not know the national standards they are on the link above. But in real terms your National Standards are what you were taught when you learned to drive.

Some updates from the past like the no smoking while you have a child in your car. The one that most people do a lot of mobile phone use or holding while you are driving your car.

It is good practice to keep up to date with new legislation as some times the press will miss it as something is more interesting for them to discuss through the press.

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