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Is Intensive driving worth it?

Intensive Driving Courses What are they? They are driving lessons, but you learn over a much quicker period So you could book a 45-hour driving lesson course and take it within a week or two. Most companies, once you pay are flexible with your schedule. Are they worth the price you pay, against learning to drive traditionally? You pay your fee to learn to drive, to the company, and they then pass your details to one of their driving instructors, but how much do they pay the driving instructor? Probably not as much as you think, considering what

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The Old Fashioned 10 and 2

Why is driving with 10 to 2 or a similar version safe for driving? Of the main reasons for driving this way is you have more control of your vehicle. Just think if you were driving down the road and suddenly you have a front tyre blow out, and you are not holding the wheel  correctly you could lose total control of your vehicle and end up  in a bad accident. But if you were holding the wheel correctly with the blow out, the  natural thing to do is to grab your

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