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Why do we still teach you to learn to drive using the ten to two while steering?

Well back in the old days when there was no power steering it was quite hard to turn your wheel without  using both hands. Yes that was one of the reasons in the past but your thinking, well we have power steering now so why do you teach that way?

I want  to explain but when you have taken all this in, try it for two or three weeks and see if you feel a lot safer than just doing it your old way.

Ok, when you are using just one hand for driving, really how much proper control do you have of your  vehicle?   Well when you look properly at it all it needs is a slight hole you go over and then it (shit) I nearly lost it, How many time have you done this in the past?  If you had both hands this would not slip through unless you are too relaxed. One bit of control there which you would take for granted properly in the past.

You are now taking a left or right turn, how much does your steering go round assuming you are palming with no fingers round the steering? It will probably go at least once in a circle and maybe a little more. Remember while you are doing that steering that will hole gets you again and you lose slight control.

So if you use the Ten to Two steering and keep a hold of the steering while at all times you will go round the once as before, but your hand will only go half way round your steering wheel and the the other hand will take over. This way any holes that you drive over you will not lose control of your vehicle.

So there is two reasons to do ten to two while your driving along our roads. If you think that your arms get tired doing this, the only reason this could mainly for this is that you are not sat in the correct position while driving. This could have serious complications if something bad was to happen.

Another reason we have to teach this way is because of our legal obligations on how we teach you to drive. But did you know and a road user you also have legal obligations on how you do things on the road. This is what the enforcement people are, therefore. They make sure you are sticking within the rules of the highway code if you break them you are physically not abiding around your own legal obligation for using the roads.

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